Bran’s new album, “The King of Dreams”, is available now! Also available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify!


Who is Bran?

Bran is a pagan bard who focuses his music on Peace, Nature, and storytelling. With guitar in hand, Bran crafts his unique, down-to-earth folk songs that aim to tell stories that are fun, inspiring, insightful, and ofttimes humorous.

From heart-felt songs of world peace, to earthy tunes of Nature; from lyrics telling epic myths an stories, to inspiring songs of mindfulness and the Buddha Dharma, there’s sure to be something in Bran’s music for any groovy, tree-huggin’, peace-lovin’ soul!

What Kind of Music Does Bran Make?

Bran is a self-taught folk singer-songwriter, so you never know what you might get! From Celtic-flavored folk to one-man-and-his-guitar ballads, from mantra-like chants to folk with a hint of blues, you’re sure to find something that jives with you.

His first album Four Branches: Tales of the Mabinogi in Song tells the stories of the Welsh book of myths, The Mabinogi in a light-hearted, humor-filled Celtic-inspired set! His second album, The Hour Before the Dawn, is a down to earth Nature-centric journey of Peace and Mother Earth. His third album, The King of Dreams, dares to dive into the realm of the dreamworld, meshing his folk sound with tastes of the ethereal.

Where is Bran?

Based out of Kansas City, you can find Bran in various corners of the internet! Here’s just a few of his favorite places to hang!
Bandcamp (You can buy his music here!!)

His main site, paganbran.com, has all the links and information you may need. You can buy his music (physically and digitally).

Check out his links page to discover where else Bran is active on the web.


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