The King of Dreams is HERE


Today’s the day. The King of Dreams is finally available! It’s HERE!!

These last few weeks leading up to the release of the King of Dreams has been full of trials, if I’m being honest. About a week or so ago I received what I thought would be the last pieces of the puzzle: the actual album itself. Accept, they came misprinted by what we finally discovered was a printer’s error.

The final CDs came just a few days ago, just shy of the release date. That was a close call!

I’ve been sick for the better part of a week. I’ll spare you details, but hopefully I’ll regain my voice in time for the May 6th album release concert at Mojo Mamas in Independence, MO! (I had the same thing happen to me last September as I prepared my performance at Kansas City Pagan Pride Day, and barely managed to scrape by that concert thanks to some piping hot ginger lemon tea!)

Anyway, The King of Dreams is available at my bandcamp page, where you’ll also receive two bonus tracks. But it’s also availble on CD Baby!

I still have to scrounge up enough energy to mail the perks for the contributors and Dreamers from the album creation campaign. Sorry for the delay!

Hope to see a lot of you out at the album release mini-tour!

Sweet Dreams,



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Dreams Come True

A few days ago marked the end of the King of Dreams Album Creation Campaign. For two months, I ran a campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing of my upcoming album The King of Dreams and its companion coloring book A Book of Idle Dreams.

The campaign was a huge success.

When I started this campaign, I didn’t think we’d even get this far. I knew I’d need at least $1300 to afford the manufacturing and distribution of the album, which as far as production costs go isn’t bad (since I produce my own music, there’s no studio/production costs on my part. Which may or may not be a good thing!).

But still, it was a lot of money to ask for in my opinion, and I always hate asking for money. Money isn’t why I make music in the first place, but it’s unfortunately a vital piece of the puzzle if I want to continue making music.

Fortunately, people are awesome.

I thought that optimistically we might be able to reach half of the goal–if we were lucky! But no, everyone blew me out of the water with their generosity. We raised over $300 above the goal!! Everyone who contributed ROCKS!

All 32 contributors made this dream come true. I couldn’t have done it without them!

I’m busily putting everything together now: I received the coloring books last week or so, and the CDs, t-shirts, and stickers are on their way soon!! I’ve finished putting together the Moon Man charms for the Dreamers! I just have a few things to wrap up, and hopefully I’ll have everything shipped out before the 1st.

And then . . . the tour!

The end is nigh!

The Album Release Mini-Tour begins May 6th!


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The King of Dreams Campaign!!


Visit the Campaign page and find out how you can help!

The time has come for The King of Dreams. The album I’ve been working furiously for almost a year. The album has evolved, shapeshifted, and finally is ready to be born into the world.

Unfortunately I don’t have the King of Dream’s magic bag of sand to help bring this dream to life.

I have had some wonderful people help to get this album to where it is, and I am so thankful for such talent and support. And while I’m wrapping up the last bit of recording and engineering bits, now comes the next big step of getting it where it needs to go.

Which is where YOU come in!


Making music is awesome and fulfilling, but it can get expensive. That’s why I’m launching this Indiegogo campaign! This is your opportunity to not only help me out in bringing this creative project to fruition, but to also procure some really cool stuff in the process!

I need help raising $1300 to cover what production and distribution costs of this album I have left to tackle. It’s a steep hill for a solo independent musician, but with a little help, it’s more than doable!

The King of Dreams is not just an album. As this project has evolved in the writing and recording process, it’s expanded into a multidimensional exploration of the world of dreams. Not only is there a 13 track album, there will be a book that is part lyric book, part COLORING book! Yes, a coloring book directly inspired by the songs! Think of it as a companion to the album. As I said, multidimensional!

When you donate to this cause, you have the opportunity to reserve not only a copy of the album, not only a copy of the coloring book, but so many more rewards and perks, as well. From really cool sticker bundles to a full disc of bonus tracks, to the special opportunity to become a DREAMER.

At the DREAMER tier of donation ($50) and above, you become one of my beloved Dreamers. You will not only get all the cool perks of the tiers below (autographed CD, stickers, bonus disc, coloring book), but you will receive a hand-crafted certificate of appreciation and also get your name immortalized in the album credits itself. Also, all the Dreamers will receive an exclusive handcrafted King of Dreams charm only available to Dreamers! How cool is that? And the more you give, the more you dream. You can even nab one some of the original artwork that went into the coloring book, personal Skype concerts, and even a personal house concert!


So, a pagan folk music album about dreams…the Sand Man, fairies, shapeshifters, time travelers, moon goddesses, wanderers, things that go bump in the night…it has everything you could dream of! (I couldn’t resist!) And the world needs more dreams! We need to inspire more people to dream big, and this is my attempt to do just that. But now I need all of you DREAMERS!

We might not reach the goal. That’s always a possibility. But the goal is not an absolute. It’s a target to aim for. A dream, so to speak. And if we fall short, at least we made it that much closer! We made an impact, and you’ll still reap the rewards and perks all the same. Every dollar helps.

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but Facebook does! Wait…no, it doesn’t, but it IS free! Please share to all the corners of the webiverse! Tell your friends about it, tell your enemies about it (it might just make them your friend in the long run)! Every little “share” and every cent helps!

I can’t wait to share this with you all!

Sweet dreams!


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Singin’, Coughin’, and Making It Work!

This last month has been one of excitement and exhaustion!

Over a month ago I developed an extraordinarily annoying cold that lasted the whole month (I still have a few coughs here and there, but it’s pretty much been gone for the last week or so!). I had a horrible mucousy, wet cough, congested sinuses, and I just sounded horrible.

And in the midst of the sickness, I played at the Kansas City Pagan Pride Day 2016 on September 11th. That was probably when my cold was at its worst, but somehow I was able to convince it to let me sing. And I did surprisingly better than I thought I did! I had to chug piping hot tea in the middle of each song, but I made it.


Jammin’ at KCPPD

And almost a month after that on October 6th, I had a tremendously awesome opportunity to host a house concert at my spiritual refuge, the Rime Buddhist Center, here in Kansas City. And joining me was the incomparable Mama Gina.


Rockin’ the Rime

If that wasn’t enough to make me giddy with excitement, we had another special musical guest show up. Celia Farran. She played a couple of songs in between my set and Mama Gina’s.


The Three Bards

I also had the honor of having my friend and amazingly talented artist Brian Wesley Nutt II show off his epic artwork.

wes-at-rime-center-10616The artist with his creations

And I’m doubly excited because he’s doing my album cover for The King of Dreams.

Screen Shot 2016-09-28 at 11.15.04 AM.png

This is a preliminary mockup of the cover, featuring the moon man, which I did myself 🙂

So as you can see, I’ve been very busy! Hopefully this month is just as productive, but perhaps a bit more laid back!


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A Blog Post about Playing Music! What else Did You Expect?!

I haven’t talked much about my last few gigs, amidst my focus on my upcoming album slated for an early 2017 release The King of Dreams.

So I thought I’d spend the next few minutes talking about my last two gigs! Over the last few months I’ve had a few festival gigs, and I thought I’d share those experiences here! In June I played at Three Gates Gathering in southern Missouri. It was a delightful gathering with some awesome people! The first night, Rowena of the Glen performed her rocking witchy music. The next night I took the stage for what proved to be a really fun set! Here’s a video of just one of the songs I played, “Brothers of the Night.”

Here’s another snippet of another song from Three Gates, a song to appease the rain, which fell for a good half hour to an hour before my performance! My song “Thunderbird.”

And two months later on August 27th (which, at the time of writing this, was yesterday) I played the Turkish Culture and Food Festival here in Kansas City, run by a fantastic interfaith organization the Dialogue Institute. I didn’t really know what to expect from this going into it, but I already knew they would have a nice range of performers already there: a dance group from Burundi, a Native American drum band, and of course Turkish folk music and dance! I was supposed to play at 3:15, but everything was running so smoothly that I hit the stage half an hour earlier.

I opened with a song I’ve never performed before, a song to emphasize the Dialogue Institute’s mission of interfaith dialogue and understanding through diversity, “Clouds in Every Flower.”

I also performed a never-before-performed song “Garden of the Mind,” which was not only a first for me performing it in front of people, but also it was a first for me to feature harmonica too!

I’ve got two more gigs coming up in the next few months, one in September for Kansas City Pagan Pride Day, and on in October, a house concert with Mama Gina! Stay tuned for updates about both of them!

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Announcement! NEW ALBUM!

Here it is, folks. The first official announcement for my next album! I released my second album, The Hour Before the Dawn, in April, but my third album was already in early production by then. I felt like I was rushing into things starting another album before the one before was even released. But, when the Awen hits, it’s advisable to let it flow!

This third album can be seen as kind of a prequel to The Hour Before the Dawn, since Dawn is about the dawning day, this new album logically can be seen as a precursor—an album of the night, of dreamtime.

It’s called The King of Dreams, and as you can guess, it’s all about dreams.

The King of Dreams has been the album I’ve really wanted to record since the beginning. I knew it would have to wait until I knew exactly what I was doing, but boy it was worth the wait. I’ve had a blast working on this album, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

The title track opens the album, inviting you to ponder dreams, to watch the rising moon and see the mysterious face of the Man in the Moon: the emissary of sleep, the sand man. The King of Dreams. The rest of the album unfolds from there and takes you down a moonbeam road to the realm of the fae, the shores of Selene, the garden of the mind, the court of nightmare, the outer reaches of space and time, and all the way to the dawn of a brand new day.

I’m also super excited because I got some really really cool artwork coming my way for the album cover. A friend and co-worker of mine does fantastic spacescapes (you can find him under Orbium Cellar Paintings on Facebook), and as soon as I saw his art I knew I needed some for the cover. I have the artwork in hand, and I can’t wait to show you!

So when can you expect to be able to hear The King of Dreams? Anticipate an early 2017 release—March most likely. Keep an eye out for some audio glimpses at the album, more news of the release, and how you can help! I’ll be posting updates primarily on my Facebook page. I’m really looking forward to releasing this manifested dream to the world!

Keep on dreamin’ those big dreams.

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Car Crashes, Concerts, Connections

It has been an utter whirlwind of events, excitement, and accidents! I can’t even begin to process the (ofttimes blissful) mayhem that has occurred over the last two weeks.

We headed out to attend CalderaFest, a wondrous, magical Pagan Music Festival (appropriately nicknamed the Pagan Woodstock by some), and it was much more than I could have ever imagined! So many wonderful musicians and bands, many of them favorites of mine for the last 6 years.

But amidst the excitement, this happened:


Yep, we totaled our car. But luckily everything worked out, and the witnesses of the wreck turned out not only to be festival goers and amazing people who helped us out a lot, but also members of International Pagan Radio. It wasn’t long before our conversation went from car insurance and cops to pagan music. And now my music is on IPR for everyone to enjoy!

IPR Welome banner

Our day went from festival excitement to car crashes, back to festival excitement (though we sadly missed the much anticipated set from Mama Gina, with whom I’m performing in October at a house concert here in Kansas City!)

And to top it all off, on our way home I was invited to play at the Three Gates Gathering, where Rowena of the Glen, a CalderaFest performer, will also perform! I’m very excited for this opportunity, as I’m still riding on the festival energy from CalderaFest, and it’s sure to be an amazing experience.

So yeah, it’s been a wild few weeks here, but overall it’s been fantastic!


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